Cord Slider Mini - Cable cam / Wire-cam

Cord Slider Mini - Cable cam / Wire-cam

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Cord Slider description:

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The Drone backup.

With The Cord Slider cable cam you can in minutes be ready to create aerial footage where a drone can not go due to safety issues or restrictions. Flying a drone in dense forest or close to people is not smart, so having a Cord Slider as a backup can save the day.

A wildlife companion.

For a wildlife cinematographer the Cord Slider is great to bring along on any trip as it takes up little space and add very little weight. And it gives you the possibility to make a 100m or even longer track in rough terrain in a few minutes.

Simple and unique.

The Cord Slider Mini is a simple but unique wire-cam / cable-cam solution for outdoor videography with small and medium size cameras from a GoPro to a DSLR.

The Cord Slider Mini is great for gravity drop based camera moves, runs on 2 to 4mm Cinemotion CineCord and can be used with or without a safety line. In addition to CineCord you need small ball head for mounting the camera and an adjustable strap to go around a tree or a pole and 3-4 carabiners to make the job easier.

For longer and faster runs it is beneficial to use the vibration dampener kit as any line stretched up between two points will act similarly to a guitar string and vibrate under the right condition. The wire and mass dampener kit will remove these vibrations.

Speed control.

When using a safety line, speed can easily be controlled by hand. But in free drop situations, speed can be adjusted with the center wheel position or by changing the slope and tension of the line or by adding extra weight. Pushing the center wheel up will apply more friction to the system, and reduce the speed. 

Video examples of use:


Main body is made of CNC machined aluminium, and comes in two variants. One with a protective and hard anodized black surface and the other with a brushed non-coated aluminium.

Wheels are precision made to minimize vibrations and are made of Delrin with Stainless steel bearings to handle all weather conditions. 

Other info.

Price is for the Cord Slider only.

Small ball head and carabiner shown in some of the pictures can be purchased as an accessory. 

Camera in the photos are not included.