Wire damper - Vibration isolator for the Cord Slider Mini

Wire damper - Vibration isolator for the Cord Slider Mini

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Why you need a dampener.

When rushing down on a cord, wire or rope the tiny variations in surface texture gets visible as vibrations that can be transferred to the image. These vibrations are often so high in frequency that they are not properly absorbed by a gimbal. That is why we made this two part damper / isolator. To give you the best possible footage even without a gimbal.

The two types of dampening.

When dealing with unwanted shaking and vibrations, there are two types of motion involved. That is linear and rotational movement. In order to deal with these, the physics involved are a bit different. That is why we made our dampener with two systems

The Isolator.

The main part consists of two plates with stainless steel wire mounted between them. This construction is effective when it comes to absorbing vibration of both linear and rotational nature. However, in order to function properly the lower plate need some mass for the absorption to work well. It is advisable to mount a tripod head / ball head in addition to the camera, so that is why we deliver this with a 3/8-16 screw.

The Mass dampener.

The mass dampener consists of some stainless steel rods and some connector parts. The reason for the long arms is for absorbing the rotational type of vibrations better. If all the mass were centered below the wire isolator, the rotational motion is easier to transfer due to little inertia. The purpose of the arms is to ad something that require momentum to rotate but without adding too much weight to the system. 


The wire dampener is made out of two CNC machined aluminium plates, 4 x 15cm pieces of stainless steel wire, 8 x brass mounting washers, 8 x M5 screws, 1 x 3D printed mount for the Cord Slider Mini including 4 x M5 screws and 1 x 3/8-16 bolt with a Delrin spacer.

The mass dampener consists of 3 x 250mm stainless steel rods, 2 x 3D printed rod-mounts and 4 x M5 screws.

The wire isolator and mass dampener Is sold as a complete kit.

This is considered a "experimental" kit and require a 3mm and 4mm Allen key for assembly. It is also highly recommended to add Loctite Threadlocker blue to the screws during assembly.

In addition you need a flat-base ball-head / tripod head with 3/8-16 thread for mounting the camera.